SLA and Handling Fee for Reimbursement Transaction

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The article provides information on Reimbursement SLA and handling fees. The Reimbursement SLA follows company policies, while the handling fees for each expense and the maximum number of expenses per month depend on your subscription plan.

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Reimbursement SLA

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Reimbursement specifics such as reimbursement details, receipt photo, supporting documents, and maximum reimbursement date varies depending on your company's policies. However, Jack’s SLA for the Reimbursement transaction to be disbursed is set at real-time with a maximum of one day (D+1) after the Reimbursement has been approved and paid by the Releaser. The edge case, if your Reimbursement transaction is still “In Progress” or failed after D+1, please contact our Customer Care team.

If your Reimbursement transaction returns the state failed, the Drafter is required to create a new reimbursement request. Read the failure reasons here.

Reimbursement Handling Fee

The handling fee for a Reimbursement request is tied to each expense and the amount of the handling fee for each expense as well as the maximum number of expenses per month vary depending on your company's subscription plan. Your can find the details of Reimbursement handling fee and maximum expense per month in below table:

Reimbursement handling fee

Subscription Plan

Handling Fee

Max Expense/Month

Seed Plan

IDR 4,000/expense


Growth Plan

IDR 2,500/expense


Jack's Reimbursement handling fee is highly competitive, and Releasers are able to see the handling fee for each expense when they are ready to pay and release the reimbursement. You can save more money by upgrading your subscription plan, refer to the guide available here.

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